IAPVA Structure

IAPVA is incorporated as a registered Private Limited company in the UK. The Company number is 9535280 and was registered at Companies house in Cardiff on 10th April 2015. 

The registered address:

Unit 2, Simmonds Building, Bristol Road, Hambrook, Bristol BS16 1RY, United Kingdom. 

IAPVA operates via a number of committees; the Overall Management Committee (OMC) and seven Management Sub-Committees (MSC). The committees are mainly made up of elected member representatives.

IAPVAs day-to-day work is organized by the Dublin-based Secretariat, headed by the President/Chairperson and Technical Director.

IAPVAs Association Administration is illustrated below.

IAPVA Structure

The OMC oversees and has overall responsibility for the management of the association. It comprises of the President/Chairperson, a Technical Director and a Secretariat to ensure the representation of IAPVA members. The Secretariat supports the MSCs, represents the association, produces and distributes a range of documents and organizes IAPVAs events

The MSC cover all the main areas of the APV industry to be developed and improved. Each MSC will have an elected administrator who is responsible for the running of their committee and reports to the OMC.


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