IAPVA Objectives

The main objectives of IAPVA are to:

1) Create the highest possible standards for APV operation

  • Engage all APV operators internationally to share industry experiences and discuss best practice for each area of operation
  • Allow operators to adopt internationally recognized best practices that meets the requirements of both marine and road legislation

2) Overcome regulatory conflicts affecting the industry

  • Collaborate with authorities such as marine departments, road safety regulators, port authorities etc. to allow APV best practices to be promoted on an international scale
  • Assist in developing equivalences to solve possible areas of conflict

3) Publish a Code of Practice

  • Collate and publish the APV industry’s best operational practices in one comprehensive document.
  • This Code of Practice should become a reference document for self-regulation, leading to a stronger legal standing

4) Develop an internationally recognized training program specific to APV operations

  • We are currently working with internationally recognised organisations to create a APV specific training program
  • The training program modules: Marine, Road/Instructor & Mechanical 

5) Insurance

  • IAPVA will look to engage with the insurance underwriting industry such as to mitigate the risks associated with owning and operating APVs, thus leading to a level playing field for insurance underwriting

6) Promote co-operation across the industry

  • IAPVAs members only area brings its members together to discuss industry issues, share documents and templates easily etc.
  • IAPVAs latest news feeds and monthly newsletter keeps members and non members engaged to the APV industry
  • IAPVA will speak on behalf of its members where there is a common interest
  • IAPVA will continue to promote the use of common and practical industry good practice 

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