IAPVA Background

Over the last 20 years or so there have been numerous incidents/accidents that have occurred within our APV Industry. These events have had a major financial impact on the companies concerned and have also brought the industry’s reputation into question whilst also limiting the industry’s ability to further expand. Below is a list of all the major APV incidents:

  • Miss Majestic, Arkansas 1999
  • Ottawa River, Quebec 2002
  • Tugboat collision, Philadelphia 2010
  • Wacker Quacker 1, Liverpool 2013
  • Cleopatra, London 2013

The big industry problem is that there are no specific regulations designed to accommodate this form of transport in the world. In addition there is a definite lack of understanding by a road vehicle regulator when faced with marine specific issues and constraints these impose and the same problem exists for a marine regulator.

In attempting to meet bus building regulations and passenger vessel fabrication regulations, conflicts and difficulties have arisen in trying to meet the requirements of different agencies. APVs do not fit neatly into either passenger bus building or passenger vessel rules and regulations. These regulations, as in other sectors where the public are paying for a service, are constantly evolving to meet higher standards. The accidents/incidents both in the UK and the US have highlighted shortcomings in fundamental aspects of the industry. Findings around accidents tend to become the reference documents for how regulators treat license applications. The industry needs to be able to feed into such findings/investigations or risk being legislated into uneconomic submission.

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