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The International Amphibious Passenger Vehicle Association (IAPVA) represents tour companies operating amphibious passenger vehicles (APV) worldwide. Our core purpose is to develop an internationally recognised standard for APV operations by encouraging operators to adapt to best industry practices & collaborate with authorities to overcome regulatory conflicts.

IAPVA is the first international trade organisation to be set up in the APV industry. Our focus is to promote higher standards throughout our Industry and work towards overcoming regulatory conflicts. We are leading the way to improving and promoting APV Industry best practice on an international scale by meeting SOLAS (marine) and UN (road) standards.

Home of the APV industry, our website encourages operators to share experiences and ideas, it also provides associate members with great networking opportunities.

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IAPVA is working and developing ways to work towards achieving our main objectives.

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Numerous accidents/incidents along with lack of regulation within our APV Industry have lead to the set up of IAPVA

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APV Industry

There are over 55 APV operators worldwide spanning across Asia, Australia, Europe and North & South America. Check out our new interactive world map.

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