IAPVA Membership Benefits

Full Member Benefits

IAPVA membership is available to companies and organisations associated with the APV Industry. Here are some of the benefits from both membership categories:

Code of Practice

Members will have access to the Code of Practice - Industry driven solutions that will put in place the best practices of the APV industry in one comprehensive document. 

Templates to Operate

Members sharing information and experiences on specific topics can help standardize operating standards through developing and/or creating new templates to operate.

Insurance Package

Adhering to higher standards provides a greater chance of obtaining the correct insurances demanded by customers and shareholders.

Training Program

IAPVA is working with internationally recognized organisations to provide APV training for drivers and mechanics. A training program, which crosses over between road and marine, specifically tailored to APV operators and that is suitable for worldwide accreditation.

Annual Workshop

IAPVA will invite members to our annual gathering, which is designed for management and ground staff to learn and share from their experiences on technical topics with their peers. Examples of topics to be discussed:

  • Driving techniques
  • Customer service
  • Maintenance issues
  • Quality management techniques.

Boilerplate Documentation

Through sharing information, model contracts which could be developed for members sole use for example the sharing of an employee handbook would be a typical template item. These could range from:

  • Typical insurance requirements
  • Management reporting spreadsheets
  • Accident/incident reporting forms
  • Information on legal and health & safety matters


The IAPVA website will be the home of the trade association. The website will be populated with industry news & updates, relevant reports & publications, regulatory, legal and insurance information. The website will be a forum for online discussion regarding operator topics. Members will receive login details to access the ‘members section’ where the online discussions, publications, etc. are located. 


Associate Member Benefits


Connect and collaborate within the APV industry via secure access to all the APV operator profiles. APV operators will, in turn, have access to associate member profiles.


Various options for discounted advertising streams through the IAPVA website


Associate members will receive the monthly newsletter, which will keep you informed and updated on APV industry news


Access to our online library containing all APV relevant publications including the Code of Practice, regulations, safety manuals etc.

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